चला शिकूया इंग्रजी भाषा मराठी माध्यमातून अंतर्गत Active Voice And Passive Voice - Perfect Present Tense

 चला शिकूया इंग्रजी भाषा मराठी माध्यमातून अंतर्गत

 Active Voice And Passive Voice

Perfect Present Tense 

या आगोदर आपण Perfect Present Tense (पूर्ण वर्तमान काळ) बद्दल महिती पहिली आहे.

पुन्हा पाहण्यासाठी येथे क्लीक करा 👈👈

Active Voice

Sheela has written a letter to her friend.

S + have/has + mv3 + o +c + .

Passive Voice

A letter has been written to her friend by


O + have/has + been + mv3 + c +by + S2 + .

वरील प्रमाणे Present Perfect Tense मधील वाक्याचे सूत्र तयार होतील.

अधिकची उदाहरणे... Passive Voice

The movie has been watched in the Mall by the family.

The goods have been sold in the shop by the shopkeeper.

The food has been cooked in th kitchen by my mother.

The students have been scolded in the school by the teacher.

The prayer has been sung on the ground by all the students.

The cricket has been played on the ground by the players.

I have been told to bring the books by my student.

Pravin has been given an advice about his work by his boss.

Archana has been trained at helth club by the trainer.

A book has read at her home by Sonali.

वरील उदाहरणे आपण Active Voice मध्ये केले तर ती पुढीलप्रमाणे होतील.

The family has watched the movie in the Mall.

The shopkeeper has sold the goods in the shop.

My mother has cooked the food in the kitchen.

The teacher has scolded the students in the school.

All the students have sung the prayer on the ground.

The players have played the cricket on the ground.

My student has told me to bring the books.

His boss has given Pravin an advice about his work.

The trainer has trained Archana at the helth club.

Sonali has read a book at her home.


काही Active Voice मधील वाक्य..

The farmer has sown the seeds in the farm.

Gajanan has watered the plants in his garden.

The driver has driven the car in the city.

The player has kicked the ball on the ground.

The Saint has prayed the God in the temple.

हीच वरील वाक्य Passive Voice मध्ये....

The seeds have been sown in the farm by the farmer.

The plants have been watered in his garden by Gajanan.

The car have been driven in the city by the driver.

The ball has been kicked on the ground by the player.

The God has been prayed in the temple by the Saint.

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