My First Poem in English - a peom on human life..

A poem on human life 

Many things in the life to be done.

And many more to be learn..

But everyone wants money to earn.

To have in the life much more fun..

When Buddha's peace is the fact proven.

I don't understand why they use the gun.

Whatever the numbers odd or even.

Once you decide must not be given.

No one on the earth should strive for a bun.

Let's do the things whatever to be done.

New ways and ideas should be begun.

To make the human life like a heaven.

Pradip Jadhao

कविता आवडल्यास नक्की कॉमेंट करून सांगा!!

Thank you 🙏

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  1. Meaningful n soulful words you have been collected,nice ,keep kit up

  2. Experiences and emotions to yield
    Some lines of poem to build
    Oceans of meaning is your shield
    We are followers,you Lead👍👍


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