Tag meeting (spoken English)

Today, my Tag meeting of  Sakhara Cluster, Ghatanji Yavatmal (YAV047) has been observed by Respected Malavika Zha Mam (assistant manager, Tata trust)

🔴It was great experience for me & my tag teachers. She was there at 8:00 and observed all sessions in tag meeting. 
🔵She is very friendly that there was no burden on all of us that someone is observing us she became one of us.
After meeting she gave detail feedback to all of us and encouraged us.
🔵She discussed about what is going well and what area are needed to focus to improve.
🔴She asked us our feedback about TEJAS and Tag meetings. 
🔵She discussed about present situation of English in our classroom what is going well and which things are helping us from Tag meetings.
🔴At last she visited a Prafull chaudhari sir's classroom talked with the students and encouraged them!

*Venue of Tag meeting*
Z P School Aamadi

This Tag meeting was specially attainended by
1) Mrs Manutai Pakhale
  ( BEO Ghatanji)
2) Mrs Sadhana Chaudhari
(Extension officer education, Ghatanji)
3)Mrs Chhaya Bansod
  (Cluster head, Sakhra)

Special thanks to team Aamadi for hosting this Tag meeting.

Pradip Jadhao
Tag coordinator

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